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Hi my name is Emma and I am a health and fitness freak. Well not really, but I do love to keep fit and healthy.

I first heard of the paleo diet a couple of years ago and thought it sounded quite funny. After all, its nick name is the ‘caveman diet’.

What is the Paleo diet? Well in simple terms, it is a diet designed to replicate food that our ancestors or even cavemen used to eat. It is basically eating all natural food that you need to prepare for yourself. So no fast food, no take out, and no packed foods from your grocery store.

So about a year ago after hearing some good things about this diet, I decided to give it a try myself. And boy was I impressed with the results. Not only did I lose weight, but I felt so much better in my day to day life. I had more energy and feel awesome!

I have now been on the Paleo diet since trying it a year ago and plan on continuing it for many years to come. There are occasions that I still go out for dinner, but I am a lot more mindful in what I eat those times. So I would choose a salad rather than a pasta for example.

My other passion to food is exercise and keeping healthy. I exercise every single day from a short 20 minute walk to a 100km bike ride and everywhere in between. I also love diving, swimming, hiking, and rock climbing. And I love talking about exercise and love hearing about tips from others. Always willing to improve myself and I enjoy hanging out with people who are like minded. So I hope that you enjoy my site and everything that I have to say about diets and exercise.

Bet You Didn’t Know That There Were So Many Ways You Can Wear Your Handbag


For women, handbags are more than just an accessory where they can store everything from make ups to cellphones. They are also a fashion statement. Handbags can tell something about their personality and their own personal fashion. The cool thing about handbags is that there are different ways that you can wear them.

  • Handbags can be worn over one shoulder and the bag is kept close to the body or swinging freely.
  • You can also wear it cross-body with the bag in front or behind your body. This can also be done if you have satchels. Be aware that women with larger busts that this style can really extenuate your breasts.
  • Wear the bag in the crook of the elbow. This often shows off the brand of the bag that you are carrying therefore it indicates your status and position.
  • Hold the bag in one hand, similar to carrying a briefcase showing how important a woman’s job is.

It can get complicated than that too because there are also different ways that you can hold your handbag in one hand.

  • You can wrap it up by turning your bag straps into several loops in your hand then hold the bag. This is great when you are carrying a luxurious clutch and that you aren’t wearing unnecessary bracelets as an accessory.
  • For small or medium sized bags you can look stylish if you wrap the strap around your fingertips and hold the bag from the tip.
  • If you have handbags with long straps, you can roll the straps a few times and grasp it tightly.
  • You can also wear your clutch upside down the same way fashionistas and other famous celebrities do in the red carpet. Doing so will make you look classy and polite.

There is no right or wrong way of holding a handbag. What’s important is that you are comfortable with it and you know that you are rockin’ it.

Paleo Diet For Weight Loss?


For those who are not fully familiar of the Paleo Diet, the idea takes after the type of food that our ancestors consumed during the Palaeolithic or Old Stone Age. Dr. Loren Cordain popularized the concept when he wrote The Paleo Diet.

The diet calls for people to eat the food of hunters and cavemen. The Paleo Diet focuses on foods like fish, poultry, meat, roots, nuts, fruits and vegetables. This takes out those that have not yet existed before agriculture came around – grains, salt, dairy products, refined sugar, saturated fats, legumes, and other processed food. It means saying goodbye to French fries, cookies, cakes, or pasta, as well as to soda.

The main purpose of the diet is to prevent diseases, especially brought about by our modern lifestyle. It promotes healthy living and longevity. As a result, those who strictly follow this diet also lose weight in the process.

In the onset, it can help shed off the extra load in your body. Here’s how it works. During the first weeks, several pounds will be lost rapidly. This is mostly your body’s water weight. With the Paleo Diet, you restrict consumption of carbohydrates, which is the culprit in helping retain water in the body. Without it, water is easily expelled. But as you go along, the loss will begin to take slowly since there is now lesser amount of water contained in your body that can still be flushed out.

There are those whose main objective is to lose excess weight that turn to Paleo Diet with only such notion in mind. Others who go into this diet fail to lose weight because they only stick to meat, setting aside fruits and vegetables that are important aspects of the Paleo Diet.

But one has to look beyond weight loss as just the only measuring stick for having a great body. Other factors have to be considered as well. You should be trying to workout while having supplements at least 2-4 days a week. Otherwise, if you only look at the weighing scale as your basis, you might end up starving yourself. The Paleo Diet suggests eating frequently but in small quantity. Look at the long term effect of Paleo Diet. It is more of living longer in a healthy way.

Foods Which Promote Skin Elasticity


Keeping your skin healthy is more than a matter of caring for it during a daily skincare routine, with products designed solely for the skin. In fact, the health of your skin can change based on what’s happening inside your body, too – everything that you eat and drink affects the state of your skin. If you live an unhealthy lifestyle, or can’t seem to stick to the best foods for your body, you may be doing damage to your skin elasticity and leading it to age prematurely. However, if you choose the right foods, you can actually protect your skin from years of damage and improve its elasticity for years to come. Here are the best foods to keep your skin stretching and youthful.

Anything with Vitamin C

It’s a broad category, but any fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C are an excellent choice for skin health. Why vitamin C? Well, it introduces antioxidants into the body when ingested – and consuming vitamin C’s antioxidants reduces the free radicals within your skin. The best fruits and veggies to choose are green leafy vegetables like broccoli or kale, yellow and orange items like lemons or carrots, and berries like blueberries or blackberries.

Nuts and Beans

You probably already know that nuts and beans are an excellent source of protein, and it’s that same high protein content that makes them so fantastic for your skin. Nuts and beans are plant-based proteins, and they work to encourage skin cell turnover, replacing the dead with fresh ones. These helpful foods are full of other vitamins, too, that work to improve the elasticity of your skin – many nuts contain vitamin E, which helps protect your skin from damaging UV rays, and beans are a source of copper, which works to rebuild skin structure and strengthen elasticity.

Fatty Fish

It may sound counterintuitive to consume fatty foods when you’re trying to eat well and keep your skin healthy, but the right kind of fat can make all the difference. Fish like salmon and mackerel contain essential fatty acids like omega-3 that cannot be created by our bodies themselves. Those important fatty acids are full of oils that our bodies use to lubricate the skin – and the more lubricated the skin is, the softer and suppler it is. Regular consumption of fatty acids strengthen cell membranes, and keep the skin as flexible as possible.

Top Diets for a Healthy, Glowing Body


Who hasn’t tried an unending list of crash and fad diets? New diets are always popping up, from meal replacement shakes to no-carb diets to veganism to total body cleanses. We’re all looking for ways to eat as healthy as possible, and to keep extra pounds away – but which diets definitely work? Instead of wading your way through the world of diets, try one of the following tried and true methods to make both your body and energy glow with great results.

The DASH Diet

Created in an effort to prevent high blood pressure, and to help those suffering from it to lower their blood pressure, the DASH Diet focuses on overall healthy eating. On this diet, you’ll eat nutrient-rich foods to increase your potassium, calcium, fiber, and protein – but there’s no need to track everything that you eat. Instead, the DASH Diet helps you to eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains while cutting back on sweet treats and red meat. It also helps you to reduce your use and intake of salt to further help that blood pressure.

The Mediterranean Diet

Those who live in the Mediterranean are known for their healthy eating habits – so why not adopt their diet as your own to reap the same benefits? That’s what the Mediterranean Diet aims to do, in addition to helping you lose weight, improve your heart health, and prevent health issues like cancer and diabetes. This diet combines an active lifestyle with a diet that reduces the amount of red meat, sugar, and saturated fats you’re used to eating every day. Instead, you’ll eat more produce, more nuts, and healthier meats like fish on the Mediterranean Diet. Perhaps most appealing of all, this diet doesn’t require you to stick to a strict selection of meals; as long as you follow the principles of the diet at every meal, you won’t have to count calories.

The Paleo Diet

You’ve probably heard of the Paleo Diet as a return to our food roots – a way of eating that attempts to eliminate all of the processed and altered foods that we’ve gotten used to eating in the years since humans have evolved. The Paleo Diet helps you to cut out the processed and carb-loaded foods that cause health problems like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. This diet is also great for reducing wrinkles and general skin health. In an effort to help prevent these diseases and excess weight, this diet has you eat like those of the Paleolithic period: no junk food, no pasta, no salt-laden meals. Instead, you’ll eat like a hunter and gatherer, focusing only on animal proteins and plants.

Paleo Friendly Snacks


Eating right and adhering to your diet can feel like a chore, no matter how much you enjoy the food you’ve been eating. After all, who wants to eat the same snacks and same meals over and over again for months on end – dulling your taste buds and making you long for the fatty, sugary, and calorie-loaded treats of your previous “bad” diet? When you’re sticking with a paleo diet, free of all that is processed and altered, all that is unnatural in food, it can feel nearly impossible to find items to eat at times. What do you do when you want to grab a snack, and nothing but bags of processed chips and cookies are present? The key is to make your very own snacks – treats that are tasty and easy to carry with you whenever hunger strikes. Here are a few different snacks for paleo dieters looking for delicious and simple food to carry with them.

Brussel Sprout Chips

Vegetables are the perfect snack, but they can’t last long outside of refrigeration – and some even require cooking in order to enjoy them properly. Solve your veggie woes with Brussel sprout chips. Break apart this leafy green vegetable, season with herbs, and bake in the oven until crispy. That way, whenever you’re in the mood for crunchy chips, you have a healthy paleo options: your very own veggie chips.

Avocado and Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are an easy and excellent snack for paleo dieters, but they aren’t always filling on their own. Up the ante of your sunflower seed snack by combining them with a quarter of a ripe, perfectly soft avocado. Together, you’ll get protein and good, healthy fats with zero harmful ingredients.

Homemade Trail Mix

Just because store-bought and pre-made trail mix contains processed candies, salted nuts, and other unknown ingredients doesn’t mean you have to swear off trail mix as a snack. Instead, make your own paleo-friendly version at home with all natural ingredients. Add dried fruit (with no added sugar, of course) and the nuts of your choice, such as macadamias and almonds, and you have a very healthy and delicious snack.

Home-Baked Paleo Protein Bars

Granola bars can be paleo dieters’ worst enemy – they’re processed, prepackaged, full of sugar, and not natural in the slightest. Instead of fretting over premade bars, make your own with ingredients that fit the paleo lifestyle and give you a helpful protein boost. Paleo energy bars are great to keep your at-home bars clean by combining dried fruit, like raisins and cranberries, with nuts that offer the protein that keeps hunger at bay.

The Top Diets That Do Not Work


Not all diet programs work. Why it doesn’t work is caused by different factors. You have to take into consideration the type of diet plan that you choose, the kind of lifestyle that you live and your current state of health because there is not one diet that fits all individuals. Here are examples of diets that do not work.

The Dukan Diet. This diet limits the carbohydrates intake and it has four different phases. The first phase lets the person eat unlimited amounts of protein. On the second phase, dieters eat protein and vegetables. The third phase, the dieters can eat starches, fruit cheese and bread in addition to the protein and vegetables and the last phase, the dieters can eat anything as long as they take the stairs whenever they can. Cutting carbohydrates from the diet does not really result into weight loss but water loss. And this may not work because some people in some places in the world have carbohydrates as the bulk of their diet.

The 17 Day Diet. This diet plan also involves cutting back on carbohydrates intake. Dieters are made to substitute unhealthy ingredients with healthy one that can be good for long-term weight loss. However, there are certain aspects about the diet such as the 17-day cycles and the rules about not eating fruit or carbohydrates after 2pm, that didn’t have any basis nor purpose in losing weight.

The Atkins diet. The diet claims that you can lose up to 15 pounds on the first two weeks. This can be achieved by having limited intake of carbohydrates and increasing the fiber intake. Similar to other low-carb diets, what is being lost is water, not the fat.

The HCG diet. Dieters are restricted into consuming 500-800 calories a day, a fraction of the recommended calorie intake, and supplement with HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) injected in the body or taken as a pill. HCG is a type of hormone that the body produces during pregnancy however, this will not likely have any effect when one is trying to lose weight. In fact, this supplement is not approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the purpose of weight loss.