About Me

Rock climbing

Hi my name is Emma and I am a health and fitness freak. Well not really, but I do love to keep fit and healthy.

I first heard of the paleo diet a couple of years ago and thought it sounded quite funny. After all, its nick name is the ‘caveman diet’.

What is the Paleo diet? Well in simple terms, it is a diet designed to replicate food that our ancestors or even cavemen used to eat. It is basically eating all natural food that you need to prepare for yourself. So no fast food, no take out, and no packed foods from your grocery store.

So about a year ago after hearing some good things about this diet, I decided to give it a try myself. And boy was I impressed with the results. Not only did I lose weight, but I felt so much better in my day to day life. I had more energy and feel awesome!

I have now been on the Paleo diet since trying it a year ago and plan on continuing it for many years to come. There are occasions that I still go out for dinner, but I am a lot more mindful in what I eat those times. So I would choose a salad rather than a pasta for example.

My other passion to food is exercise and keeping healthy. I exercise every single day from a short 20 minute walk to a 100km bike ride and everywhere in between. I also love diving, swimming, hiking, and rock climbing. And I love talking about exercise and love hearing about tips from others. Always willing to improve myself and I enjoy hanging out with people who are like minded. So I hope that you enjoy my site and everything that I have to say about diets and exercise.