Bet You Didn’t Know That There Were So Many Ways You Can Wear Your Handbag


For women, handbags are more than just an accessory where they can store everything from make ups to cellphones. They are also a fashion statement. Handbags can tell something about their personality and their own personal fashion. The cool thing about handbags is that there are different ways that you can wear them.

  • Handbags can be worn over one shoulder and the bag is kept close to the body or swinging freely.
  • You can also wear it cross-body with the bag in front or behind your body. This can also be done if you have satchels. Be aware that women with larger busts that this style can really extenuate your breasts.
  • Wear the bag in the crook of the elbow. This often shows off the brand of the bag that you are carrying therefore it indicates your status and position.
  • Hold the bag in one hand, similar to carrying a briefcase showing how important a woman’s job is.

It can get complicated than that too because there are also different ways that you can hold your handbag in one hand.

  • You can wrap it up by turning your bag straps into several loops in your hand then hold the bag. This is great when you are carrying a luxurious clutch and that you aren’t wearing unnecessary bracelets as an accessory.
  • For small or medium sized bags you can look stylish if you wrap the strap around your fingertips and hold the bag from the tip.
  • If you have handbags with long straps, you can roll the straps a few times and grasp it tightly.
  • You can also wear your clutch upside down the same way fashionistas and other famous celebrities do in the red carpet. Doing so will make you look classy and polite.

There is no right or wrong way of holding a handbag. What’s important is that you are comfortable with it and you know that you are rockin’ it.