Foods Which Promote Skin Elasticity


Keeping your skin healthy is more than a matter of caring for it during a daily skincare routine, with products designed solely for the skin. In fact, the health of your skin can change based on what’s happening inside your body, too – everything that you eat and drink affects the state of your skin. If you live an unhealthy lifestyle, or can’t seem to stick to the best foods for your body, you may be doing damage to your skin elasticity and leading it to age prematurely. However, if you choose the right foods, you can actually protect your skin from years of damage and improve its elasticity for years to come. Here are the best foods to keep your skin stretching and youthful.

Anything with Vitamin C

It’s a broad category, but any fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C are an excellent choice for skin health. Why vitamin C? Well, it introduces antioxidants into the body when ingested – and consuming vitamin C’s antioxidants reduces the free radicals within your skin. The best fruits and veggies to choose are green leafy vegetables like broccoli or kale, yellow and orange items like lemons or carrots, and berries like blueberries or blackberries.

Nuts and Beans

You probably already know that nuts and beans are an excellent source of protein, and it’s that same high protein content that makes them so fantastic for your skin. Nuts and beans are plant-based proteins, and they work to encourage skin cell turnover, replacing the dead with fresh ones. These helpful foods are full of other vitamins, too, that work to improve the elasticity of your skin – many nuts contain vitamin E, which helps protect your skin from damaging UV rays, and beans are a source of copper, which works to rebuild skin structure and strengthen elasticity.

Fatty Fish

It may sound counterintuitive to consume fatty foods when you’re trying to eat well and keep your skin healthy, but the right kind of fat can make all the difference. Fish like salmon and mackerel contain essential fatty acids like omega-3 that cannot be created by our bodies themselves. Those important fatty acids are full of oils that our bodies use to lubricate the skin – and the more lubricated the skin is, the softer and suppler it is. Regular consumption of fatty acids strengthen cell membranes, and keep the skin as flexible as possible.