Paleo Diet For Weight Loss?


For those who are not fully familiar of the Paleo Diet, the idea takes after the type of food that our ancestors consumed during the Palaeolithic or Old Stone Age. Dr. Loren Cordain popularized the concept when he wrote The Paleo Diet.

The diet calls for people to eat the food of hunters and cavemen. The Paleo Diet focuses on foods like fish, poultry, meat, roots, nuts, fruits and vegetables. This takes out those that have not yet existed before agriculture came around – grains, salt, dairy products, refined sugar, saturated fats, legumes, and other processed food. It means saying goodbye to French fries, cookies, cakes, or pasta, as well as to soda.

The main purpose of the diet is to prevent diseases, especially brought about by our modern lifestyle. It promotes healthy living and longevity. As a result, those who strictly follow this diet also lose weight in the process.

In the onset, it can help shed off the extra load in your body. Here’s how it works. During the first weeks, several pounds will be lost rapidly. This is mostly your body’s water weight. With the Paleo Diet, you restrict consumption of carbohydrates, which is the culprit in helping retain water in the body. Without it, water is easily expelled. But as you go along, the loss will begin to take slowly since there is now lesser amount of water contained in your body that can still be flushed out.

There are those whose main objective is to lose excess weight that turn to Paleo Diet with only such notion in mind. Others who go into this diet fail to lose weight because they only stick to meat, setting aside fruits and vegetables that are important aspects of the Paleo Diet.

But one has to look beyond weight loss as just the only measuring stick for having a great body. Other factors have to be considered as well. You should be trying to workout while having supplements at least 2-4 days a week. Otherwise, if you only look at the weighing scale as your basis, you might end up starving yourself. The Paleo Diet suggests eating frequently but in small quantity. Look at the long term effect of Paleo Diet. It is more of living longer in a healthy way.