Top Diets for a Healthy, Glowing Body


Who hasn’t tried an unending list of crash and fad diets? New diets are always popping up, from meal replacement shakes to no-carb diets to veganism to total body cleanses. We’re all looking for ways to eat as healthy as possible, and to keep extra pounds away – but which diets definitely work? Instead of wading your way through the world of diets, try one of the following tried and true methods to make both your body and energy glow with great results.

The DASH Diet

Created in an effort to prevent high blood pressure, and to help those suffering from it to lower their blood pressure, the DASH Diet focuses on overall healthy eating. On this diet, you’ll eat nutrient-rich foods to increase your potassium, calcium, fiber, and protein – but there’s no need to track everything that you eat. Instead, the DASH Diet helps you to eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains while cutting back on sweet treats and red meat. It also helps you to reduce your use and intake of salt to further help that blood pressure.

The Mediterranean Diet

Those who live in the Mediterranean are known for their healthy eating habits – so why not adopt their diet as your own to reap the same benefits? That’s what the Mediterranean Diet aims to do, in addition to helping you lose weight, improve your heart health, and prevent health issues like cancer and diabetes. This diet combines an active lifestyle with a diet that reduces the amount of red meat, sugar, and saturated fats you’re used to eating every day. Instead, you’ll eat more produce, more nuts, and healthier meats like fish on the Mediterranean Diet. Perhaps most appealing of all, this diet doesn’t require you to stick to a strict selection of meals; as long as you follow the principles of the diet at every meal, you won’t have to count calories.

The Paleo Diet

You’ve probably heard of the Paleo Diet as a return to our food roots – a way of eating that attempts to eliminate all of the processed and altered foods that we’ve gotten used to eating in the years since humans have evolved. The Paleo Diet helps you to cut out the processed and carb-loaded foods that cause health problems like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. This diet is also great for reducing wrinkles and general skin health. In an effort to help prevent these diseases and excess weight, this diet has you eat like those of the Paleolithic period: no junk food, no pasta, no salt-laden meals. Instead, you’ll eat like a hunter and gatherer, focusing only on animal proteins and plants.